Summer School
for IDPs

In 2017, we launched the Summer School for Internally Displaced Persons Project. This is a platform where displaced children are camped for 3-5 weeks (depending on the available funds) while providing them quality education (formal and informal), relevant skill acquisition classes and sports-coaching for free.

As an organization committed to reducing the alarming number of out of school children in Nigeria especially members of disadvantaged communities, we have continued to invest massively in providing quality basic education for children across Nigeria. We believe that:

  1. Education is the key which unlocks human potential; 

  2. Education provides hope for the most disadvantaged and marginalized in society; and 

  3. Education gives the courage to keep striving for a better future.

Provision of quality education during summer holidays for over 300 displaced children

Skill acquisition training for 100 displaced children (shoemaking, catering, sports, arts and crafts)

Provision of food for about 1000 women and children living in IDP camps

Training and Capacity Building for over 60 youth volunteers

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