Impact Assessment


In 2017 we established the summer school for IDPs project under our Education program. The summer school project has provided quality education for over 500 displaced children since the inception of the summer school in 2017. In 2019 we established the Evergreen scholarship trust fund {ESTF} which is aimed at sponsoring the best students from the summer school into formal academic institutions. The scholarship trust fund currently caters for 16 students in different schools across Abuja.

Project TutorED

TutorED project is geared at building sustainable communities via human capital development. This project was initiated as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to help residents of low income and vulnerable communities sustain and scale up their means of livelihood. So far we have reached one community {New Kuchingoro IDP Camp} where we are providing virtual learning aides for 40 children, commissioned 3 skill acquisition centres in the community and empowered 24 artisans with capital, skills and working materials to thrive economically.


To properly eradicate the issues of gender mainstreaming in Nigeria we launched the Girl care Nigeria campaign to enable us connect directly with young girls and boys in secondary schools to enlighten them on issues of gender inequality, gender based violence and other related issues through workshops, lectures and debate sessions.


Under our youth Empowerment program we host the National Youth Dialogue a policy oriented dialogue series which serves as a platform for productive engagements among young people. The National youth dialogue enables us discover, groom and support young Nigerians on issues of politics and governance.